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ExpoSupport System

We know how difficult and time-consuming it is to organise a high-class fair or conference. For this reason we have a special solution for you which is a system facilitating and optimising the organisation process in case of any fair or conference and presenting them also in virtual reality (on the internet). The system enables us to enrich the activity of both visitors and exhibitors for a long time both before and after the event.

The main idea of the ExpoSupport System, i.e. the platform, supporting fairs and conferences, which makes it different than other organisation models of similar events is the new quality of interrelations between all the parties to this process. The system provides the possibility of a multidirectional exchange of information, the acquisition and comparison of which would be impossible in the traditional model.

We help
  • To establish and manage relations with visitors through a dedicated community website, which makes us able to build an established community, focused on fairs or conferences, as well as to increase the community’s interest and awareness;
  • To manage registration or ticketing systems;
  • To manage co-operation with the exhibitors - booking space, ordering structures and additional services;
  • To create a virtual platform allowing the extension of the duration of the event in the virtual world, and generating additional income.

Our tool makes the organisation process and the management of fairs and conferences easier than ever before.

BCS is a company with many years of experience in implementing IT solutions, supporting business in the area of cost optimisation, work organisation and customer relations management.

Technology and security

BCS only uses verified and supported technologies, with valid warranties and sufficient developer support

Organiser’s module

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with all the possibilities offered by the ExpoSupport system, in particular those benefiting the trade fair or a conference Organiser.

Exhibitor’s module

In this part you can discover all the possibilities of the ExpoSupport system prepared for Exhibitors participating in the fair and conference.

Visitor's module

This module has been designed for Visitors and its functionality is similar to that of a social networking website.

Mobile version

The portal is also available in a "light" version, designed for mobile devices.