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Organiser’s module

The Organiser’s module offers many event management options, as defining/specifying all the event details. One of its possibilities is creating many user roles with different competences, which enables the Organiser to better allocate duties. 

More information about the module is provided in the functions below.

Fair configuration: In this part of the module the user can define the following parameters:
  • Name of the event, description, nature, graphic convention (layout, logo, colours etc.);
  • Opening hours, ticket types including their number limit and the sales schedule;
  • Defining additional events accompanying the fair along with the programme, number of places and the distribution rules;
  • Exhibitor's schedule; an additional reminder option enables users efficient time management and control of payment or document sending deadlines;
  • Discount programmes and loyalty programmes with flexiblerules;
  • Appearance and size of the exhibition space and prices offered to the exhibitors;
  • Document templates and forms used during fairs (e.g. order forms for the exhibitors);
  • Definitions of additional service packs offered to the exhibitors(passes, advertising materials, statistical packs).

Definition of the organisational structure: This function gives the Organiser the following possibilities:
  • Defining users and their role in the organisation;
  • Assigning competences and responsibilities (e.g. exhibitor assistants, technical services);
  • Specifying access to the database, statistics and reports;
  • Filtering database according to the selected criteria;
  • Selection of the communication channel (e-mail, survey,newsletter, notifications).

Registration of Speakers and configuration of relations with the Exhibitors
This option provides the possibility of preliminary registration of the speaker in the event schedule and defining Exhibitor competences. 

Exhibition space services 
This part of the module supports the process of booking and designating space for the Exhibitors, as well as its arrangement and technical acceptance. 

Exhibitors' Catalogue 
This is a guide to the layout of the fair. It is also possible to use the information for presentation of Exhibitors in the system or for publication of the paper Exhibitors' Catalogue. 

Settlements with Exhibitors 
This module has been designed for monitoring of financial settlements between the organiser and Exhibitors through the control of payments and liabilities. It is also possible to issue appropriate financial documents, including pro-forma and collective invoices, as well as to correct them. ExpoSupport is updating the list of payments from Exhibitors and the list of the completed financial transactions. 

Fair or conference community website
  • In this part of the module, the organiser can define the structure of the visitor website. The website may consist of many parts such as: articles, exhibitions info, ticketing, schedule of events, forums and newsgroups, media releases etc. Integration with other community websites keeps the fair participants updated.
  • With the advanced administration panel it is possible to adapt the website to the visitors’ expectations, which results in a greater interest in a particular event. An additional advantage of the portal is a possibility to publish advertisements there, which can easily translate into growth of the organiser’s income.
Registration of visitors and ticketing
  • The organiser may register participants and sale tickets for the main event and the accompanying events. With ticket categories, the organiser may adapt the offer to various visitor needs. With barcode tickets (or microchips) the organiser is able to learn precise preferences of a ticket holder and the events registered on the ticket can translate into comprehensive visitor statistics.
  • With the badges, the organiser may assign statuses (e.g. VIP, guests of honour, journalists) to allow groups of visitors to visit restricted access zones.
Event monitoring: This part of the module allows the organiser to control several parameters both during the event and afterwards:
  • Number of visitors in category breakdown;
  • Average visit time;
  • Number of tickets sold;
  • Number of additional events registrants;
  • Places and exhibitions of the visitors’ greatest interests etc.
Additionally, the organiser can generate complicated reports and statistics summarising the event and visitors’ activity. It is possible to present the data to the exhibitors. 

Conference and speaker assistance 
In this part of the module, the organiser may define speakers and their conferences or workshops. Additional functionality supports speakers in preparing and presenting lectures and provides space on the website for publication of topic info, the lecture, the agenda and the time of presentation. With a special interactive voting mechanism (e.g. selection of additional topics) the speaker is able to agree the agenda with the audience. Additionally the lecture may be a remote one (with a video transmission or a remote presentation). 

Stand arrangement assistance 
This part of the module supports the organiser in ordering the stand equipment in external companies and control of the manufacturing process.

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Technology and security

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Organiser’s module

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with all the possibilities offered by the ExpoSupport system, in particular those benefiting the trade fair or a conference Organiser.

Exhibitor’s module

In this part you can discover all the possibilities of the ExpoSupport system prepared for Exhibitors participating in the fair and conference.

Visitor's module

This module has been designed for Visitors and its functionality is similar to that of a social networking website.

Mobile version

The portal is also available in a "light" version, designed for mobile devices.