ExS - ExpoSupport - Targi Nowej Generacji

Exhibitor’s module

This module supports communication of the exhibitor and the organiser. 

Exhibitor’s and order registration
  • Exhibitor’s and order registration;
  • Exhibition space booking, order verification and additional services (stand arrangement, power supply, internet connection, place in the fair catalogue, advertisement activity on the fair community website);
  • Advertisement and information campaigns at the community website;
  • Hotel, transportation or parking place booking options. Specifying the precise arrival and departure time helps the organiser to adapt orders to customers’ needs.
Financial settlements with the organiser 
Exhibitors can access the payment schedule, settlements status and financial documents. The Auto-Sum function shows the sum of all invoices. 

Stand arrangement
This part of the module supports stand arrangement, and especially gives the possibility to order power supply and internet connection, select the exhibition space and the stand arrangement as well as additional equipment. The exhibitor may also view the current state of work. 

Visitor assistance 
This is the most developed part of the Exhibitor module and its functionalities remind us of a CRM system. The Visitor Assistance Module gives the exhibitors access to personal details of the visitors, who came to see their stands. For each of these events certain actions as arranging a meeting, presentation or inquiry can be performed or planned. These details are available for the exhibitor also in the form of a report after the event. Access to data is limited to the persons who visited the exhibitor’s stand and logged in (e.g. their badge with a barcode was scanned).

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Technology and security

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Organiser’s module

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with all the possibilities offered by the ExpoSupport system, in particular those benefiting the trade fair or a conference Organiser.

Exhibitor’s module

In this part you can discover all the possibilities of the ExpoSupport system prepared for Exhibitors participating in the fair and conference.

Visitor's module

This module has been designed for Visitors and its functionality is similar to that of a social networking website.

Mobile version

The portal is also available in a "light" version, designed for mobile devices.