ExS - ExpoSupport - Targi Nowej Generacji

Visitor's module

This module has been designed for the visitors and its work is based on the rules of an internet community website, defined and created by the organiser on internet websites, in our system. 

This module gives visitors the following possibilities:
  • Registration and ticketing (tickets to fairs, lectures, seminars and other events) including on-line payments;
  • Access to the description of fair, including its program, opening hours, information about exhibitions etc;
  • Own plan of visits, selection of interesting events and exhibitors;
  • Appointments with selected exhibitors;
  • Remote participation in lectures (if the organiser offers such lectures);
  • Access to articles, newsgroups and news releases, basic statistics, reports;
  • Filling in organiser’s surveys;
  • Commenting articles and participation in newsgroups;
  • Receiving personalised information from the exhibitors after the fair.

Access to the website for visitors is possible after registration and logging in. 
The community website is also available for mobile phones and smartphones. Obviously, the version of the website for mobile devices does not have all the functions requiring massive data transfer, but the visitors can access exhibitors’ details, the event timetable or personal details, saved on their own account (e.g. private visit plan).

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Technology and security

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Organiser’s module

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with all the possibilities offered by the ExpoSupport system, in particular those benefiting the trade fair or a conference Organiser.

Exhibitor’s module

In this part you can discover all the possibilities of the ExpoSupport system prepared for Exhibitors participating in the fair and conference.

Visitor's module

This module has been designed for Visitors and its functionality is similar to that of a social networking website.

Mobile version

The portal is also available in a "light" version, designed for mobile devices.