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Please contact us at:

BCS Software SA

ul. Sienna 86/86

00-815 Warszawa

tel.: +48 (22) 866 37 60

tel: +48 (22) 866 38 88

ul. Panewnicka 40

40-730 Katowice

tel.: +48 (32) 252 60 17-8

fax +48 (32) 252 79 75

e-mail: info@bcs.com.pl


BCS is a company with many years of experience in implementing IT solutions, supporting business in the area of cost optimisation, work organisation and customer relations management.

Technology and security

BCS only uses verified and supported technologies, with valid warranties and sufficient developer support

Organiser’s module

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with all the possibilities offered by the ExpoSupport system, in particular those benefiting the trade fair or a conference Organiser.

Exhibitor’s module

In this part you can discover all the possibilities of the ExpoSupport system prepared for Exhibitors participating in the fair and conference.

Visitor's module

This module has been designed for Visitors and its functionality is similar to that of a social networking website.

Mobile version

The portal is also available in a "light" version, designed for mobile devices.